About the ARCAE PTA


The Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary PTA (Parent Teacher Association) works with teachers, school administrators and businesses to help make our students' school experience the best it can be. Because of your generous support, here are a few things we've accomplished in the past year: 

·      Replaced the lighting and sound system and purchased a new curtain for the stage in the cafeteria

·      Funded the school’s Accelerated Reader Program

·      Helped teachers fulfill their classroom wish lists

·      Funded the program that allows artists to visit our school and work with students year-round


2019-20 ARCAE PTA board members and committee chairs:

Co-Presidents - Lori Bates and Ingrid Flad-Gooding

Treasurer - Callie Cordray

Secretary - Lisa Cochran

Communications - Angie Mizzell

PTA Memberships & Sponsorships - Kelly Shealy and Ashley Wheelon

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator - Michelle Kornahrens

Teacher Representative: Erin Pollock